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Distance Learning for All was an emergency response to school closures in the Spring. Districts had little time to prepare for this scenario. Districts have since had more time to plan for the new school year and have received extensive guidance from the state about how to implement Comprehensive Distance Learning. Many districts are implementing new Learning Management Systems for this purpose and are training staff on best practices for distance learning. Comprehensive Distance Learning ensures appropriate instructional time, access to learning materials (digital tools), assessments, progress reporting and grading. The common thread between all districts is a collective effort to ensure the safety, wellness and equity of students by cultivating connections that promote learning and belonging. 

Students will be able to return to in-classroom learning once state metrics are satisfied. Even after state metrics have been met, some schools will continue to choose Comprehensive Distance Learning for a specified period.   

Visit the Oregon Department of Education website for more details about distance learning. Keep in mind that the content continues to change.

For ideas about how to set up an at-home learning area, click here

For questions about your child’s specific curriculum, please contact your child’s school.  

For additional information about autism support and material, visit the autism support page

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